Dr. Dasgupta & His Experience


  1. Patient Name :- Aparna Dasgupta
  2. Age :- 54+
  3. Sex :- Female
  4. Religion :- Hindu
  5. Occupation :- Housewife
  6. Marital Status :- Married
  7. Children :- 1

Patient History :-

  1. Onset :- Acute
  2. Duration :- 01 Day
  3. Location :- Head & Throat
  4. Causation :- Change of Weather
  5. Sensation :- Headache with cold feeling over head, chilliness, sore throat with glandular swelling.
  6. Modalities :- Aggravation – Headache aggravation during motion & under fan

Amelioration – During rest, lying down on bed with covering.

Patient  came to me with severe headache. 98% hoarseness of voice with glandular swelling and sore throat.

After asking her about the complaints in detail, I came to know that she took  chilled icy water from her fridge, when she came back home after finishing the marketing under scorching heat of sun.

After taking that cold water she was suddenly by severe headache with hoarseness of voice. She was under to move from one place to another that time.

After few minutes she just reached her bed by crawling and managed to lie down on her bed. That time she felt that her throat was completely choked, no voice was coming from mouth and as the day progressed , severe pain felt at the throat region along with severe headache . She observed that under fan she was not feeling comfortable; cold feeling comfortable when lying down on bed coving with cloth. All the complaints aggravated during motion.


After taking all particulars of the ailment from the patient, I prescribed Cale. Phos 6x , 4 tabs to be taken with warm water every one hour five times.

I got surprise when the patient telephone me the next day with lots of thanks and expressed gratitude with a clear,  normal voice and told me that the medicine has removed headache also.

This miraculous result gives me confidence for  further treatment . I always believe that the success which I achieved in Bio-chemic medical field, due to respective teacher.